Optimizing fertility and preparing for a healthy pregnancy starts in the preconception period, 3-6 months prior to conception. 


Individual or Couples Fertility Screen


For individuals or couples interested in exploring their fertility health status.

 What's included:

  • Comprehensive medical & fertility history intake for both partners

  • Physical exam for both partners

  • Fertility & screening tests for both partners*

  • 30 minute follow-up visit to discuss results, including recommendations for next steps


Fertility & Preconception Program


For women interested in actively achieving  natural pregnancy & for men interested in optimizing their natural fertility.

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive medical & fertility history intake

  • Complete physical exam

  •  Nutritional assessment

  •  Natural cycle monitoring

  • Advanced diagnostic & laboratory fertility & screening tests*

  •  30 minute post- assessment consultation to discuss results including recommendations for  dietary + lifestyle intervention, specific vitamin, mineral, herbal or other supports to promote successful conception.

  • A series of 6 acupuncture treatments to enhance fertility (6 treatments, weekly)

*I utilize many different laboratories for blood, urine & saliva testing. Laboratory & diagnostic testing is not included in the program cost. Labs & testing are not covered by MSP, they are billed directly to the patient.

IUI / IVF Support

If you are exploring assisted reproductive technologies (ART) like IVF or IUI, an integrative approach that combines conventional medicine with evidence based natural therapies can help to improve your success rates.


IUI/IVF Support Program


What's Included:

  • Comprehensive medical & fertility history intake

  • Complete physical exam

  • Review of any current laboratory & diagnostic testing results

  • Review of any past &/or current fertility treatments

  • Lifestyle & nutritional recommendations

  • 15 minute post-assessment visit to discuss IUI/IVF acupuncture schedule and fertility specific vitamin, mineral, amino acid and anti-oxidant supplementation to improve ART success

  • A series of 6 acupuncture treatments scheduled around ART to help improve success rates

Pregnancy / Postpartum Care

Pregnancy is a time when cultivating and supporting good health while preventing illness is likely to resonate the most. With both you and your baby in mind, my approach is to optimize health through the different stages of pregnancy and work to assist in preventing common pregnancy ailments such as nausea and fatigue.


Pregnancy & Postpartum Program


For women who are newly pregnant.

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive medical, fertility & pregnancy history intake

  • Pregnancy focused physical exam

  • Nutritional plan & recommendation of safe pregnancy-specific nutritional supplementation

  • Safe & natural health solutions for preventing and addressing common pregnancy ailments such as nausea, muscle cramping or heartburn

  • Two, 15 minute check-ups (second & third trimester)

    • Labour preparation & cervical ripening with acupuncture & pregnancy-safe herbs

    • Natural induction (acupuncture & herbs) if required

    • Review of natural labour pain management options  

  • 30 minute postpartum check in to follow up on labour, provide support for lactation, and offer continued lifestyle & nutritional support


Postpartum Mama Care

Initial Visit $195

The post-natal period can be a particularly vulnerable time in which the mother is often overlooked. If you are coming to me having already given birth, I offer nurturing support for new mothers in the days and weeks following birth.

What's Available:

  • Suggestions to help unresolved pregnancy and/or labour complications

  • Support for lactation or referral to lactation consultant

  • Suggestions to help with sleep, digestion, energy & other ailments

  • Realistic diet & lifestyle guidance or referral to meal prep/delivery service

  • Help navigating the transition to motherhood & the changing body

    • Hormonal changes, irritability, frustration, anxiety & postpartum depression, low libio

  • Couples or individual counselling to support relationship health & intimacy

  • Weekly or monthly visits for continued support & coaching and/or supportive treatments