As a naturopathic physician I entrust an evidence-based approach, providing patient care with an emphasis on prevention & natural therapies. 


Holistic Skin Care & Cosmetic Dermatology

I offer safe & effective non-surgical cosmetic skin rejuvenation methods. Paired with a holistic approach to skin care, I address both the internal and external factors that cause common skin issues.


Naturopathic Health Care

I address a full range of men & women's health concerns including hormone imbalance, weight gain, anxiety, depression and much more. Utilizing your medical history, current health condition, physical exam findings and health goals, I offer concise recommendations for appropriate care.

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IV Nutrient Therapy 

IV nutrient therapy delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to support a range of conditions including fatigue, insomnia, weight-loss and much more. I offer custom IV vitamin drips and vitamin shots.


Supervised Weight Management Programs

Achieving a healthy weight can be a difficult and frustrating process. With so many similar diet and exercise options to choose from, finding one that will be helpful and safe for your goal can be overwhelming. Wherever you are in your journey, a consultation can help clarify the road ahead.  

I treat the cause of disease. With this as my focus, I can alleviate symptoms and achieve long-term healing.