Naturally Focused. 

As a naturopathic physician I entrust an evidence-based approach, providing care with an emphasis on prevention and natural therapies. I am dedicated to supporting men & women through all phases of life and offer a variety of integrated health services designed to promote self-care and lasting quality of living. I treat the cause of disease; with this as my focus, I can alleviate symptoms and achieve long-term healing. 


Conditions / Concerns

Irregular Cycles / PMS

Perimenopause / Menopause

Acne / Rosacea


Weight Management

Bloating / Digestive Health


Sexual Health / Libido 

Thyroid Health


Hormone Imbalance

Fatigue / Sleep Disturbances

Breast Health

Bone / Heart Health

Stress / Adrenal Conditions 

UTI / Candida (yeast) Infection

Depression / Anxiety

Health Optimizing

Skin Health

Treatments / Therapies

Acupuncture & Cupping/Gua Sha

Holistic Counselling for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Bioidentical Hormone Prescribing

Nutritional Counselling

Laboratory & Diagnostic Testing

  • Routine blood work, food reactions, hormone profiles, nutrient profiles, immunology, SIBO, microbiology & environmental allergy testing

Annual Health Checks & Female PAP Exam

Pharmaceutical Prescriptions

Nutritional Supplementation

Botanical Medicine 

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

Customized Programs for Weight Management