Health Apps To Help You Succeed This Year

We welcomed in 2016 with celebration and a few ‘New-year New you’ resolutions. With fresh resolve and an abundance of determination, this is the year we accomplish our goals, right? Except one minor hang-up… New Years resolutions can be easier said than done! While we can’t guarantee which resolutions we will follow through on, which ones will remain priorities, or which ones will quietly disappear from the calendar, having tools to help you stay organized and focused will increase the likelihood of your success and help keep you on track.

Heree my favourite apps to help make it ‘appen for you.

Would you like to manage your money better?

Pocket Expense and Mint are both free apps designed to help you easily create a budget, manage your accounts, and keep track of your spending so you can save for that special something or stop worrying about pinching pennies before pay day.

Is 2016 all about getting in shape?


7 Minute Workout is user friendly and as a bonus, workouts are just 7 minutes a day! Exercises can be done in small spaces, at the office or outdoors, and the app comes with visual aid, built-in timer and progress tracker. Cardio specific apps like Strava use a GPS tracker to map out your runs/bike routes and let’s you share them with other users. This allows you to find new routes and stay motivated by seeing how far/often others are going.

Getting healthy from the inside out starts with wholesome nutrition.

Nutrition and diet apps like Fooducate or MyFitnessPal help you understand where your calories are coming from and what nutrients are in the foods you’re eating. They provide recipes and community support to keep you motivated, track weight loss and calories, and monitor your progress. Designed to empower you for your lifestyle change, these apps are a great way to educate yourself and to help keep yourself accountable.

A new year is a new opportunity to improve upon your already fabulous self, and accomplishing your goals is easy if you’re organized!


Organizational apps like Procraster, or Strides will be your best friend. Strides helps you manage all of your daily goals/tasks in one place and encourages you to not put anything off by tracking your day-to-day success as part of a to-do list/game combo. Procraster is designed to help you identify and overcome procrastination triggers and prompts you to take note of what keeps you from getting your work done. Looking to introduce a new habit or break an old one? Self-improvement apps like 21Habit allows you to pick a habit you’d like to make/break and track your progress over 21 days. Here’s the catch; it costs $21.00 upfront. The app will give you back 1 dollar for every day you’re successful. If you fail, the app donates your money to charity!

Have a Happy, Healthy 2016!

By Dr. Alaina