My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide - All Under $100!


'Tis the season of giving, and these luxurious goods are IT. 


Honest Hazel eye gels (from $12) - They're great for hydrating under-eye skin, reducing puffiness & dark circles, especially after a fun-filled evening or flying. Available at Anthropologie.

Thermohair socks (from $20) - My favourite cozy sock for lazy Sundays and long plane rides. I never fly without them!


Kunye NOURISH Face Mask & Bamboo Rose Mist ($38 & $26) - I LOVE this clay mask, and the bamboo rose mist is a favourite of a friend. She keeps it in her bag for refreshing after work or travel days, and it's super refreshing to spritz on after the beach.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 2.52.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 2.53.27 PM.png

Try applying your mask with this sleek beauty, May Lindstrom facial treatment brush ($40) - Definitely on my want list. Find it locally at Green & Pure Organic Beauty.


I'm obsessed with my Jade facial roller from Herbivore Botanicals ($25). - I put it in the freezer for a few minutes before rolling under my eyes and over cheeks to stimulate lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation and skin tone. If you feel like splurging, their Lapis Facial Oil  ($72) is UH-MAZING. Seriously works wonders for your skin.  


I'm super excited to try Primally Pure's natural dry shampoo ($12) - For days when you're in too much of a hurry to wash your hair or just straight-up don't feel like it, it's a natural alternative to the chemical stuff and gets great reviews. 


This Coco Rinse oil pulling kit from Kismet Essentials ($30) - I added oil pulling to my daily routine and I really noticed a benefit. I use plain old organic coconut oil but these little packets are a super cute gift idea and tons of places around Vancouver carry 'em.


One of my favourite stores here in Vancouver is Charlie & Lee. Everything they carry is local, North American, or ethically sourced, I honestly purchase most of my gifts from this store and they never disappoint! My absolute favourite find from Charlie & Lee is my Laundress Sweater Comb ($28). This thing has revived so many sweaters and coats. It makes for the perfect stocking stuffer. 


I love an aromatherapy session from time to time- and I'm thinking these Woodlot Palo Santo bundles ($12) from Charlie & Lee would be the perfect energizing incense for Saturday mornings. 


Since we're going to be starting off our 2018 fitness resolutions with a bang (amirte guys?) I figured we could all use a little muscle recovery balm. I'm looking forward to using Happy Ending Muscle Salve from K'pure Naturals ($7), the ingredients, price and name (lolz!), are on point. 


Speaking of new years resolutions and sticking to them, Charles Duhigg's best seller The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business ($21) is a great read for anyone looking to make a habit change permanent. Pro-tip, try an audiobook version. My boyfriend isn't a huge fan of reading but now he listens to audiobooks on his way to and from work and loves it!


A daily health habit I'm working on is drinking enough water. To ensure I get in a minimum of 2L per day, I leave a water bottle in my bathroom next to the sink. Each morning after I brush my teeth, I drink one full bottle. I bought my dad this S'Well water bottle (from $38) last year for Christmas and he is a total convert from the plastic ones. He's an avid cyclist and loves that this one is durable, and his water stays cold now on long hot summer rides. 


Stasher bags (from $12) these eco-friendly food storage bags are an awesome alternative to plastic and super cute! Get these on your list. 


Simple Mandolin Slicer ($39.99) - A staple for any 'bowl' obsessed human. This guy finely slices veggies and fruit with ease so your poke, dragon, buddha, whatever bowls look as delicious as they taste. I found this one at The Gourmet Warehouse.

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Prana organic nut milk bag ($7.49) - This fine mesh nylon bag is reusable, use it to make dairy-free nut and seed milk alternatives or to strain home-made juices. I've tried a few different bags and this one holds up to wear and tear really well! 


Üllo wine purifier ($80) - Wine lovers rejoice! I love my BC VQA wines, Gehringer Brothers reserve pinot noir is a classic fave, hint hint, but I always get stuffy and flushed when i drink them. This purifier filters out sulfites and sediment (read less red face, congestion and headaches). It's a holiday miracle! 



Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season!

In Health,

Dr. Alaina