Can't find a doctor accepting new patients in Vancouver?


Can't seem to find a GP accepting new patients? Get in line. If you're fed-up with waiting, especially in those hour long lines at walk-in clinics, it's time to consider a different solution.

Naturopathic doctors practicing in British Columbia are medically trained, naturally focused primary health care physicians. In addition to providing preventative care solutions and patient education, we treat acute and chronic illnesses, offer routine health checks, annual exams, laboratory & diagnostic testing, immunizations, pharmaceutical prescriptions and more.

Naturopathic doctors see patients of all ages for any type of health concerns that arise, including new symptoms, maternity care, palliative care, chronic disease management, mental health issues, sexual health concerns, and minor procedures such as mole removal, IUD insertions, wart treatments and injections.

Under the care of a Naturopathic doctor, you will get unhurried, on-time appointments so you'll never be sitting in a waiting room wondering when it will be your turn. Appointments are typically longer in length so we can take the time to listen to you and your concerns and work with you to help solve your toughest health challenges.

For more about Naturopathic Medicine, check out my FAQs page:

For a list of qualified Naturopathic Doctors in your neighbourhood, please visit the British Columbia Naturopathic Association .

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Dr. Alaina