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The Resurgence Of Natural Healing Methods: Why You Should Consider Going To A Naturopathic Doctor

From a shortage of family physicians, to our aging population and rising health care costs, British Columbia faces an ever-growing number of challenges in the area of healthcare.

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My Top Self-Care Picks in Vancouver

Self-care is provided "for you, by you". It's about listening to what type of self-care your body needs and making time for practices that cultivate wellness within each aspect of your health.

Below are a few of my favourite self-care practices to help keep you grounded in good health. For help establishing your health plan, please book a naturopathic consultation with me.

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Can't find a doctor accepting new patients in Vancouver?

Can't seem to find a GP accepting new patients? Get in line. If you're fed-up with waiting, especially in those hour long lines at walk-in clinics, it's time to consider a different solution.

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Dr. Alaina's Practice Update

To all of my valued patients, colleagues & friends,

As many of you know, I have relocated my practice from the IV Wellness Boutique in Yaletown, to a brand new clinic in The False Creek area of Olympic Village, Tandem Clinic. Construction is in full swing at Tandem, and while we had anticipated opening for October 2017, we have experienced some delays and are not ready to open...yet!

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6 Key Pregnancy Supplements Not To Miss!

Pregnancy is an ideal time for health promotion, it is a time in a woman’s life where she regularly has contact with her health care provider, and is an opportunity for empowerment around a healthier lifestyle for both mother and her family.

Nutritional considerations should be at the forefront of every pregnancy health plan given their impact on fertility, health of the mother in pregnancy, prevention of pregnancy complications, health of the baby inutero, in preventing birth defects, ensuring optimal birth weight, and their impact on long term health of the mother and infant.

If you’re pregnant, or planning to be, here are the key pregnancy supplements to consider augmenting your diet with...

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What To Eat Before, During & After Your Workout

What you eat leading up to and immediately after your workout can have a huge impact on your performance and recovery from exercise, not to mention your progression results!

It pays off to pay attention to what you eat. Follow these super easy tips to ensure you’re getting the right fuel in at the right time.

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