The Resurgence Of Natural Healing Methods: Why You Should Consider Going To A Naturopathic Doctor


British Columbians are increasingly seeking alternative and holistic methods of healing. Today’s patients are opting for an approach to care that not only reflects a more sustainable model of care, but one that encourages their personal autonomy, one that permits them to participate in the clinical setting as an equal partner in decision-making regarding their healthcare.

Supporting good health and prevention of illness is now recognized as having the greatest cost-effective and health outcome potential both for citizens and health systems; Naturopathic doctors can provide added value to this by helping their patients adopt healthy behaviours.

In honour of Earth Day, April 22, 2018, I've written an article on sustainability in medicine for Choices Markets Monthly Newsletter. Props to Choices for being mindful of their ecological footprint and introducing reusable grocery bag incentives. Bring your own bag and they'll take 5 cents off your bill as a small reward. You can purchase a reusable bag at any Choices location for just 99 cents for the month of April!

Click here for the Choices April Newsletter and my article on why you should consider going to a Naturopathic Doctor. 

In Health,

Dr. Alaina



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