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Health-Focused Weight Loss: Stop Trying To Lose Weight Alone And Start A Supervised Program

Weight management is a struggle for most us. Especially when there are underlying health conditions that play a factor. There are a ton of diet trends and weight loss options out there; how do you select an approach that will not only prove successful, but address underlying imbalances or dysfunction so you can keep the weight off for good?

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Going Gluten-Free: What Every Newly Diagnosed Celiac Should Know & Why You Shouldn't Wait To Get Tested

If you have any of these symptoms, or if anyone in your family struggles with gluten sensitivity or has already been diagnosed with celiac disease, don’t wait, get tested. Here’s why.

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The Resurgence Of Natural Healing Methods: Why You Should Consider Going To A Naturopathic Doctor

From a shortage of family physicians, to our aging population and rising health care costs, British Columbia faces an ever-growing number of challenges in the area of healthcare.

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My Top Self-Care Picks in Vancouver

Self-care is provided "for you, by you". It's about listening to what type of self-care your body needs and making time for practices that cultivate wellness within each aspect of your health.

Below are a few of my favourite self-care practices to help keep you grounded in good health. For help establishing your health plan, please book a naturopathic consultation with me.

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My hCG Diet Experience

The hCG diet is sometimes thought of as another unhealthy crash diet, or that most people just gain the weight right back, but after experiencing it with many patients and now for myself, I believe in it’s efficacy, and it’s ability to inspire motivation for lasting change.

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